Our Support

We are proud to support charities that have the same mission as us. Raising awareness of men's mental health issues and suicide prevention.



This is such a great charity who have so many great ideas, and the team are all devoted to creating change. Take a look at their website, and help us help people with their inner demons.

"At Men Matter UK, we’re raising funds and promoting initiatives to help men’s mental health and offering support and help to those who really need it the most. Through our fund raising and a large portion of our sales from our clothing brand, our vision is units up and down the country with games rooms, a gym and a small comfortable room for peer to peer group meetings. As well as a dedicated phone line and online text service for information and support. We hope you will join us on this journey."

 Buddy Check

Buddy Check is a fantastic charity that focuses on helping serving/veterans of the British armed forces. They strive in bettering the support available to their members and have so many great ideas. 

"Buddy Check wants to improve mental health support for the UK Armed Forces community. We will provide a peer to peer platform for all serving personnel and veterans personnel to share life experiences and support each other when life starts to get on top of us. What Buddy Check wants to do is to provide support when we need it most. We want to bring the Armed Forces community together. To make sure those who, when they are at their most vulnerable, have a platform to make others aware of how they’re doing. Sharing our mental health feelings, so as a community we can offer support and guidance through the darker times to a brighter future. We don’t leave anyone on the battlefield, we don’t want to leave anyone behind at home either."